Crime City Review: Crime Based Game by Gree

Crime City Review of the popular GREE game

Crime City is a game for android and iphones which is based on the popular crime based theme like the famous Grand Theft Auto games. In the game you get to do similar tasks to become the new leading mafia of this virtual realm. There are many games with similar themes but they all mostly failed because of boring gameplay and fixed consequences and story lines, attacking gangs or holing hostages was mostly done with a simple click. Crime city bring a new kind of menu system with a farmville or sim-city type of a view to your empire which is quite engrossing, it even has some good artistic character avatars.

The game start with the players own hood, this section is a part of the city which belongs to you. Here it is possible to build various types of buildings which will be the front for your illegal businesses that generate revenue over time, while there are other types of building too which provide protection from being robbed. You can expand your hood to build more buildings after your have earned enough money through your existing empire. While your buildings generate revenue for you time to time you can concentrate on completing the jobs which can be found at different sections of the city. There is a fantastic goal and rewards system that will keep you busy doing jobs in each part of the city. They start out as easy and cheap but then they grow more difficult as the game advances.

Some of the tasks also work as small tutorials showing you around the city and walking you through the non-playing characters of the game. The tasks will gradually get more expensive and difficult as you progress. Many tasks require the player to have particular equipment which will have to be purchased in order to fully complete it. Besides this, you may even choose to ignore this goal system and find your own path. There are a limited number to jobs available to each section of the city. Once they are all done you gain mastery over that area and the jobs will now pay higher payouts. They world map displays each section of the city and keeps the game nice and simple, you can play at your own sweet pace.

There are a few limitations to the game as it comes free, they require you to use energy for each task which is limited and only recovers slowly over time. This is quite common with free addictive games, some variant have found ways to keep the player busy while the energy is recovered. In the game you get to build your own Mob too. You can add your friends from social networks with just one click, popular networks include Facebook, Twitter and even Google Plus. This make it possible to share your progress in the game and invite other players to join you.

Though this game is inspired from big banner games like Gangstaz and Grand Theft Auto, it has crucial features that were lacking in major games like tutorials, cutting edge graphics, interesting reward system which makes the game less overwhelming or difficult. Crime city is an excellent crime based game and is being played by millions of players daily.

Key Features

  • Multiplayer Online Crime Game
  • You can fight and rob other players live.
  • Over 150+ powerful weapons and cars you can purchase
  • Over 80 properties / buildings you can own
  • Over 500 different jobs to complete
  • Over 200 goals to complete
  • Over 60 areas to explore and cause mayhem in
  • Over 60 Game Center achievements you can earn
  • Build Hotels, Casinos, Restaurants, and more
  • Steal cars, beat up people, do crimes, and more
  • Invite friends to make your mafia stronger
  • Collect massive income from your properties
  • Gorgeous graphics