The Witcher 3 Review by IGN

The Witcher 3 Review by IGN - Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 Review by IGN

In The Witcher 3, players will follow Witcher Geralt in his last journey as he searches for his lost lover Yennifer and his ward Ciri only to learn that they are being hunted down by the spiritual Wild Hunt.

With the memories of its predecessors and infamous book series behind it, The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt was bought with the gamers expectations on differing scales between expectations.

When the first announced in 2013 along with trailers, fans where thrilled at the sharp fluid graphics of the game but literally angry in later trailers when the graphics visually degrade. Most fans blamed the new console versions taking away from the graphics the PC version had but developers CD Projekt Red insisted that the graphics naturally deteriorated as they added on more content to their 200+ hour game and that is was a mistake to release those images so early in production.  I was also disappointed to hear that the developers decided against adding Ciri’s famous fight scene while on ice-skating.

Despite this setback, The Witcher 3 became by far one of the best RPG games on the market. With an open world stretching about 52 miles, almost the size of Liechtenstein, and a main story plot about 25 hours longs, The Witcher 3 was able to calm the fires started by the graphics downgrade and win the Overall Game Of The Year 2015 award. The day and night settings and overall constant moving around such a large environment have you appreciate with very detail in the game.  Though the main storyline is a little more of a long errand then an adventure, the game makes up for this in the side quest content. Every side mission in the game, whether retrieving a frying pan to slaying monsters, every character has a back story and emotion that flows with the war torn setting of the game. Every character mean the non-humans as well. Another feature I find most valuable is that the side quests do make a difference in the main story itself. It would probably take months to find out all the outcomes of every decision you make in this game. To my own pleasure, players get to also play as Ciri, learn her different fighting style and powers and follower her side of this grand story.

For those who haven’t played any other Witcher games, it can be intimidating. However, unlike The Witcher 2 where you are immediately thrown into combat, the developers give a smooth and easy tutorial along with background story to the game. Combat action is far more glossy then Witcher 2 and new systems for the alchemy, equipment and level progression allow Geralt, the main character, to become an even  better individual. (Cause I can’t say bad@$$ on this review). Though being an award winning game, it does come with the usual glitches of high performance games, mostly being lag. Another feature that CD Red added was riding on horseback, although fun at first, the horse controls are a little sensitive and the horse tends to stop when you want it to gallop or jump.

This game is an absolute good buy and makes a wonderful edition to your game collection. Even the expansion packs are worth their money with more hours of gameplay added to the already massive gameplay time you have already put into The Witcher 3.

THe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Trailer

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Review

Assassin's Creed Syndicate by Ubisoft game review.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Review (Game by Ubisoft)

With the disappointing shadow of Assassins Creed Unity looming over Ubisoft, little expectations were given to the Syndicate when the game was first released in October 23, 2015. However, once the players experienced the fresh yet old Victorian open world concept, fans immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

Ubisoft learned from its mistakes in Unity from the micro transaction requests when opening chests to the sloppy relatable characters, and boring main story line.

The game is about the assassin twins Jacob and Evie Frye and their fight against the allusive Templar Order in 1866 London, England during the Industrial Revolution. With their consistent bickering, opposite personalities, and individual differences in fighting style, Assassins Creed Syndicate’s two main protagonist truly have the player enraptured in their story. Jacob Frye is brawns while his sister Evie is the brains of their operation. Jacob’s story follows his goal of taking out the corrupt Templar from the British Government and liberating the people of London. The player will follow Evie in her quest to find the lost artifact from Eden hidden somewhere in London. Though Jacob is used for most of the main plot, Evie’s gameplay in all the side missions have you using both twins on an equal level. Also, throughout most the game you can freely switch between the two characters, giving you an advantage in different missions that would require one skill over another. Although towards the end of the game, both twins will have same skill and strength when character skills are completely unlocked. The only disappointment with the plot is the underwhelming ending but with all the side content, the gamers money is definitely not wasted.

As for the missions themselves, not much has changed with the side missions of kidnapping, escorting, assassinating, and stealing. Ubisoft did reintroduce Brotherhoods idea of growing your own gang army by liberating those in the Templars grasp. Slowly but surely players can gain control over different burrows of London and have your new lacks perform missions for you. Plus it never gets old when saving children from child labor factories. Another thing added in Syndicate that had a major impact on the enjoyment of the game is the use of carriages. Like in Grand Theft Auto, you can steal, race, and earn experience in property damage caused by ill use of London’s horse driven carriages. Also hiding bodies in carriages and having rooftop carriages fights only add to the thrill of being an assassin in Victorian London. And at last, the side missions actually have a impact on the main mission itself. You’ll find some missions become easier or more difficult with the completion of side missions.

Ubisoft also fixed their historical accuracy problems they had in Unity by added prominent figures of that time period. From aiding Charles Dickens in demon hunting to Alexander Graham Bell’s helpful inventions. Speaking of Alexander, he is the reason for the best gadget given the player in the game: The grapple hook. Much like Batman’s grapple gun in the Arkham games, this gadget allows you to cross large gaps between streets and easily scale tall buildings like Big Ben. This little item makes exploring London far more enjoyable and easier to accomplish.

Finally to mention is the beauty of London open world night and day cycle. Though not in real time, this little detail allows for London to seem realistic and drastically changes how the player progresses in missions.

All in all Syndicate gives Assassins Creed fans major hope for the franchises future that Unity had almost destroyed and any gamer should keep Syndicate in their collection. At the same time however, this raises our expectations on future games Ubisoft will release.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Trailer

The Division Game Review by Ubisoft – Rent at Redbox!

The Division video game by Ubisoft review

The Division Game Review by Ubisoft

See below for my review on the popular video game based of Tom Clancy’s genius “The Division” by Ubisoft games.

This Southern Gamer was stoked when I was able to grab Tom Clancy’s The Division for free from the Redbox recently to give it a try!

Tom Clancy’s The Division is undoubtedly an amazing open world setting.

It starts with a number of deformed cut sequences that essentially provide you with an understanding into the ending of our planet and how Black Friday evolved into the Patient X for an outbreak.

You’re thrust into this particular world – you perform as a mediator in a team called The Division that is initialized once the destructive outbreak sweeps through New York City on the Black Friday and the entire world begins to break down. Chaos envelops the community and without foodstuff or even water, it is every single male or female on their own. And that is where you enter – turned on from your seemingly sleeper cell status, it is your decision to try out and reestablish some peace and check out the virus origin.

The very first thing regarding this game is how incredibly recognized the situation is. From a snow-covered NYC that sparkles with wonder as well as a nuisance, the rendering is nothing short of excellence while you hurtle about attempting to achieve major game quests or even play side missions that pop up unexpectedly.

Missions originally consist of establishing a base camping to guarantee that you have at least some place to call your own; however, you’re confronted with looters who are motivated in taking you out at virtually any turn. Combat’s slightly trickier as well if you are accustomed to just going hurtling, with all the guns blazing. The overall game is mainly built on cover strategies and needs you to make use of all these and safeguard yourself. The issue is that pushing X completely down will assure you to go in the direction of a cover-based place, but eliminating that halfway through might find your gamer stop, stand and become bloody or banged. I understand that it is a dedication thing; nevertheless, the lack of being capable of committing by simply pressing a button is really a frustration, especially if you’re attempting to launch straight into an assault.

Cover shooting isn’t really the simplest either – and on a few occasions, the mediator I had been in control of became trapped off guard simply by a failure to observe around the corners.

Shooting requires some learning as well, strangely. It is not simply point and press – targeting very cautiously will do much more harm compared to blasting blindly. This makes perfect sense but when you’re overpowered with combatants it makes the showdown slightly trickier and requires you to make a plan instead of going insane.

Roaming across the town proves to be a fertile floor with the other side quests as well as jobs requiring doing before pursuing the primary narrative.

This game flourishes as well on the web – it’s simpler to form teams with the agents and to perform quests inside the game; match-making has not proven to be an excessive amount of difficulty for the servers and there is very little waiting in order to get involved with the action.

Similarly, the secluded Dark Zone that pits gamers against one another is probably the most difficult part of this game, provided how it depends on other folks to play perfectly or cause a commotion. It’s surprising as well as fascinating due to it – and it grows when measured against the remainder of this game.

The Division has made excellent usage of the DualShock speaker as well, which feels like an abnormal statement to make, however given that you’re performing quests, the messages’ metallic tones seem like you have an earpiece in and they are in regular contact. It is a pleasant touch which assists the game to attain the impressive level it requires to.

Overall, it is apparent from the above-mentioned The Division game review that the depth of this game is really interesting and also its scope is outstanding. Stay through several of the churns of the story levels in the beginning and the mind-boggling impression of the town, its map as well as its concepts and you will discover a game which grows with the longer time you devote to it.

The Division Game Video

Dark Souls III Review and Trailer

Dark Souls III Review and Information

Dark Souls III Review and Trailer

Dark Souls 3, the most recent Souls game, includes gameplay as well as design elements from almost all of the team’s recently available titles. Because of this, the amazing, as well as action-packed Dark Souls 3, seems highly familiar, still fresh and also content-rich as well. Just like all the From Software’s releases, the game needs a number of patches to regulate weapon balance. However, Dark Souls 3 is definitely among the best games in the collection, and one of the year’s most spectacular game titles so far. This particular game may be enjoyed on a gaming computer, but the action-RPG can also be available on PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One. In this Dark Souls 3 review, we will take a look at the main features of the game.

The game includes story elements from both the predecessors to speak of the cyclical battle involving darkness and fire. You play as being a solitary, immortal soldier, and head out in order to retrieve the spirits of the chaotic as well as violent Lords of Cinder. Gamers that are not devoted in the game’s lore have lots of beautiful, somber fantasy setting to learn. Those that take pleasure in piecing together every game’s history is going to be very happy to see how Dark Souls 3 includes the lore of the previous games.

You choose among the list of different preset character classes at the beginning of the adventure. Each and every class has unique beginning stats that give all of them a small edge above the other classes. Knights have high power as well as dexterity, whilst sorcerers begin with better intelligence, for instance. While you level up you are able to enhance whatever statistics you choose and, therefore, you can make up for the starting differences fairly rapidly. However, in case you’re targeting a specific weapon build, benefiting from a class’ stat boosts indicates a lot fewer wasted levels over time.

Environments are scattered with useable gear and consumable products. Your reliable Estus flask is your trusted healing potion; however, hurling knives, defense-boosting pellets, panaceas, firebombs, and the like all cover the stages in this game. Brand new armor sets and also weapon are available at each location; however, these are generally skillfully concealed, or protected by tougher opponents. Not every equipment is built equal and, therefore, a brand new sword you discover might not necessarily be better compared to the one you’re presently using.

Dark Souls 3’s areas are linked, however, they are not interwoven just like they were in the original Dark Souls. Rather, each area leads to the following in a relatively linear style, which means you progress through the phases similar to a traditional Castlevania video game. There are lots of techniques and strategies to find within every single area, although there exists a distinct absence of oneness within the world. At this point one is going to miss the complicated disorganized feeling which the original game possessed. Dark Souls 3 definitely feels like a dark dream theme park; each themed location takes you to the next. The dragon-infested fortress leads to the ancient shantytown that leads to the jungle, then the venomous bog, and so on. The transitions seem sensible, in most cases, but it might have been great to find shortcuts which guide back to older areas.

Dark Souls III Trailer

Street Fighter V Review

Street Fighter V Review

Street Fighter V Review

We have been waiting for this one! Street Fighter V was recently released and is proving to be one of the best versions yet. It’s only going to be available for the PS4 and PC. This version is a partnership between Sony and Capcom, the creators of the Street Fighter brand.

Pros of Street Fighter V

  • Remarkable soundtrack and amazing graphics
  • Excellent collection of fighters
  • Cautiously designed new technicalities
  • Hopeful approach for online players

Cons of Street Fighter V

  • Lots of difficulties between online and single players
  • Main content can be missing at launch

Street Fighter V is a fun filled game which intends to deliver its enriched enjoyment and rewarding intelligence it contains to its players as soon as possible, regardless of the level they opt to play. In order to know more about this online game you will have to read Street Fighter V review given below.

This fighting game has something for the players of all levels. The high level hardcore players will experience enormous amount of nuance, flexibility and depth for a long time in this instant and bold system. Even the less experienced players will find a very exciting and long road of learning, growth, discovery and improvement in this game. The near-to-perfect clarity of the presentation of Street Fighter V system has made it different from its previous versions.

Street Fighter V obviously disproves the excessively complex barriers even before a single punch is thrown, which was most crucial part of its predecessor Street Fighter 4. In this version the mechanics used in its fourth version have been changed to some extent with V-Skills, even though it can be activated in the same manner by pressing two buttons. The V system starts the utterly open form of the game where anything can happen anytime instead of using very specific routes to play through the bottle-necking creative environment.

Your character instantly starts performing a unique attack or special move on them just by tapping on both buttons for medium attack together without using a pad waggling or stick. Such things work as extremely powerful game changers to make this game different from its predecessors. For instance, though Zangief can absorb the damage like Focus in the old version, he can do so even while reversing the old problems of glacial grappler and advancing to get into the range of attack in the new. Similarly Chun-Li launches at odd angles into the air to throw them on her opponents whereas they were accustomed to her angles of usual jumping. The fireballs out of the air are grabbed and hurled back directly to the opponents by M. Bison. Ryu has the capability of evading and striking back safely as many times as he receives incoming hits.

Some people predict the Turbo wonder Edition of Street Fighter V as its super hyper ultra version but as of now there is no official information about when the expansion will be available. In its place, in the incremental updates of this game the additional characters will be dropped into the roaster and theoretically they will not be available to the players for playing. The cost of this game will be covered by the Fight Money, the in-game currency, earned by the players. But if you do not want to wait then you can also use real cash to finish the game as soon as possible.

Thus according to my Street Fighter V review, it is a fun filled and unique game and better than previous versions.

Street Fighter V Trailer:

Crime City Review: Crime Based Game by Gree

Crime City Review of the popular GREE game

Crime City is a game for android and iphones which is based on the popular crime based theme like the famous Grand Theft Auto games. In the game you get to do similar tasks to become the new leading mafia of this virtual realm. There are many games with similar themes but they all mostly failed because of boring gameplay and fixed consequences and story lines, attacking gangs or holing hostages was mostly done with a simple click. Crime city bring a new kind of menu system with a farmville or sim-city type of a view to your empire which is quite engrossing, it even has some good artistic character avatars.

The game start with the players own hood, this section is a part of the city which belongs to you. Here it is possible to build various types of buildings which will be the front for your illegal businesses that generate revenue over time, while there are other types of building too which provide protection from being robbed. You can expand your hood to build more buildings after your have earned enough money through your existing empire. While your buildings generate revenue for you time to time you can concentrate on completing the jobs which can be found at different sections of the city. There is a fantastic goal and rewards system that will keep you busy doing jobs in each part of the city. They start out as easy and cheap but then they grow more difficult as the game advances.

Some of the tasks also work as small tutorials showing you around the city and walking you through the non-playing characters of the game. The tasks will gradually get more expensive and difficult as you progress. Many tasks require the player to have particular equipment which will have to be purchased in order to fully complete it. Besides this, you may even choose to ignore this goal system and find your own path. There are a limited number to jobs available to each section of the city. Once they are all done you gain mastery over that area and the jobs will now pay higher payouts. They world map displays each section of the city and keeps the game nice and simple, you can play at your own sweet pace.

There are a few limitations to the game as it comes free, they require you to use energy for each task which is limited and only recovers slowly over time. This is quite common with free addictive games, some variant have found ways to keep the player busy while the energy is recovered. In the game you get to build your own Mob too. You can add your friends from social networks with just one click, popular networks include Facebook, Twitter and even Google Plus. This make it possible to share your progress in the game and invite other players to join you.

Though this game is inspired from big banner games like Gangstaz and Grand Theft Auto, it has crucial features that were lacking in major games like tutorials, cutting edge graphics, interesting reward system which makes the game less overwhelming or difficult. Crime city is an excellent crime based game and is being played by millions of players daily.

Key Features

  • Multiplayer Online Crime Game
  • You can fight and rob other players live.
  • Over 150+ powerful weapons and cars you can purchase
  • Over 80 properties / buildings you can own
  • Over 500 different jobs to complete
  • Over 200 goals to complete
  • Over 60 areas to explore and cause mayhem in
  • Over 60 Game Center achievements you can earn
  • Build Hotels, Casinos, Restaurants, and more
  • Steal cars, beat up people, do crimes, and more
  • Invite friends to make your mafia stronger
  • Collect massive income from your properties
  • Gorgeous graphics